Teo Zini was born in Bollate ( Milan ) on 22nd February 1979.

He actually lives in Varese, after living for 27 years in Novate Milanese (Milan). He's an accountant. He has always played different instruments since he was 9 years old (piano, keyboards, guitars ). His love for electronic music began when he was 15. His first experiments were created by the first home personal computer soundcards:  creative SoundBlaster and Yamaha.
With the 'Opium' nickname Teo began his adventure in electronic music. His sound moves between different influences: ambient external recordings, beats - ethnic or pure electronics, synthesizers, stratched waves, arcane voices.

 All these components are elaborated through audio softwares  'till reaching simple and complex stratifications of drones, pads, textures and sound extensions.

Opium sound is a river of different frequencies.

He has work with Alio Die in three differents project of Sola Traslatio: "Mother Sunrise", "Ad Infinitum" and "Enigma".