Winter Solstice’s Spores
A reprint of two classic albums !

Two milestones of Alio Die's discography are available again after a long hiatus. This new edition offers two superb collectible digipaks printed in black on silver, in collaboration with the American graphic artist Joseph Uccello. This combination of music and artwork is an ideal celebration of this time of the year, as the Sol Niger approaches.

“In the course of life we encounter a kind of special state of consciousness – a moment at the threshold of a deep spiritual experience. At the border of the conscious mind (and perhaps with an initial feeling of disorientation), emerges a strong attraction toward a newly encountered state of being: a state that we feel is crucial in some way, and toward which we subconsciously strive, over the protests of normal rationality. On the other side of this threshold, beyond that apprehension, there is a sedimental layer of inner preparation which makes us ready for that moment. The energy evoked during artistic creation has always held similar qualities to this process; and listening again to these early works, it becomes clear to me just how vital to my music’s flow is this process of transformation and awakening. I feel that this same process informs the art of Joseph Uccello, which elegantly accompanies the music of these two re-releases.

Sit Tibi Terra Levis/ Introspective and The Hidden Spring satisfied completely this desire of immediate expression; truth calls for realization, and the feeling of 'spring water' contained in these albums has for me still something magic after such a long , long time.” 
Alio Die, December 2008

ALIO DIE Sit Tibi Terra Levis/Introspective; CD in 6 panel digipak limited to 333 copies


Two new CDs are just released on Hic Sunt Leones in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Both of them packaged in a three sides digipack !!


HSL 047 "COSMOSPIR" is the first solo album by the Polish singer INDIA CZAJKOWSKA - 13 compositions displayed her beautiful voice creating an interesting and unique mixture..that is dreamy and intimate,a personal style,with different links with far echo of medieval and oriental music,but also ambient and experimental.

Cosmospir is a precious concoction made of classical instuments combining piano, cello, vocals, guitar, and flute with a dash of electronic assistance. Is that all? It's an attempt to call the deepest, intimate layers of the psyche, one's own internal space related to time, bringing narrative in an invented but individual language. It's a way of breaking through to a hidden side, where we can get to know ourselves and the invisible mist surrounding 'reality'. Behind this mist there is an open space and we have much more to do with it than with anything in (our) everyday existence, even though we’ve just realised it there...




HSL 048 "TEMPUS REI" is the second part of Castle sonorisation serie by ALIO DIE, an epic and intense album with two long tracks, where the usual drones and loops, zither and field recorings go deep intoxicated into an old time surrealism.

LTD 300 Copies. Fast delivery!



The new work by ALIO DIE it is part of the Castle's sonorisation series, titled AURA SEMINALIS. The album had very enthusiastic feedback!

An epicentre of a mystic atmosphere and an ascension arcane purity. Three sides digipack.


The first solo CD by ZEIT will be a true revelation..after the two album in collaboration with Alio Die with a more acoustic quality, in 'WAVES FROM THE SKY' Tommaso Cimò undertake electronic orchestrations with insert og guitars and bass perfectly integrated, you can find attachments with the best mystic and cosmic music of the 70', traslated with subtle sensibility in new territories with a very fine touch. Three sides digipack.


The new CD by STEFANO SCALA 'IMPERMANENCE' have is focus on Tibet, where Stefano Scala went for musical researches and recordings some years ago, An album that is more close to the Hic Sunt Leones releases then the previously 'Il Tempo del Sogno'.


'Eleusian Lullaby' by ALIO DIE e MARTINA GALVAGNI is now released on Projekt in a beautiful digipack. The collaboration was started with a beautiful 16 minutes track already included in the french compilation 'Song for Alienor' released on Cynfeirdd (LTD 275 copies). This work that will see Alio Die involved for the third time with an original and dreamy female voice, it include three long acoustic tracks played by kalimba, zither and psaltery, with various little instruments and field recordings; a detailed work with multilayered mixed sounds and nuances, that give to the warm and beautiful voice of Martina a special context space of intense magic.


The 5° album by FIVE THOUSAND SPIRITS 'Synapse-Shaihulud' is released! The collaboration project by Raffaele Serra and Alio Die is supported this time by Zeit (his first solo cd will be out later this year on HSL.), released by Faria Rec. Russia, that have already press 'The Flight of Real Image', also this time, it is released in a special packaging with cards (LTD 750 copies).


The artwork follow the previously two cds out in 2006 “Quantum Consciousness” and “Schwartzschild Radius”, with full colours cards and alchemical paints. The four electronic tracks of the album have a cosmic approach more evident here and the music have a solar side ever.




The first collaboration between AGLAIA and ALIO DIE, titled PRIVATE HISTORY OF THE CLOUDS, will be out in 2008 on Infraction Records. It is composed of six contemplative tracks and we are talking about the special packaging and artwork for the release.


ALIO DIE is working on a new collection of cds 'The Castle's Sonorisation Serie', ambient music on the vein of 'Password for Entheogenic Experience', as well as inspired by the medieval time, and some ancient places recently visited. Different tracks are already recorded, keep in touch for more updates.


Two other cds by FIVE THOUSAND SPIRITS are at work, the first will be probably out this year on Hic Sunt Leones.





Three different Alio Die collaborations cds out on Hic Sunt Leones, June 2007:


The new collaboration CD between ALIO DIE and ZEIT 'Raag Drone Theory' sign a new stage of the duo, after the well receipt cd 'Sunja' some years ago. This time the composition is more expressively inspired by indian music: one long track completely acoustic displays a sound dialog between psaltery, zither and shruti box, bringing into a contemplative space. Without being so far from drone and ambient music there is a renewed in the choose of arrangments: into the research of


natural sounds of the acoustic instruments and improvisations. A magnetic feeling connect the two musicians, possessed by the same roots and inspiration, crystallising some beautiful summer moments in the wilderness and near a sanctuary, by a tension and a passion that coloured this long trip through space and time.


The collaboration between ALIO DIE and JAMES JOHNSON 'Cube 7 - Sospensione d'Estate', one long relaxing and meditative track, it is already mastered. Enriched by multilayered textures from little sounds (rattles, tubes, flutes, etc) plays in the wilderness, and field recordings taken last summer in Liguria , Italy , its support the sofisticated and gentle sounds of James Johnson, electronics and treated viola.


This work started about two years ago and will be finally out in CD format by Hic Sunt Leones in june 2007. It will continue the Enviroment Series by James Johnson at .



A CD by ALIO DIE e LUCIANO DAINI 'End of an Era'


It is articulated in 7 tracks. This project was started very slow in the reciprocal esteem in a very close musical researches and experiments, and in their alchemical and introspective approach with sounds. Luciano Daini is active from many years in music and living theatre and have always follow to practice his sonorous experiments, expanded to different kinds of instruments (electronics, arcs, brasses, flutes, percussion etc.) and recordings. In the hidden room of his studio Luciano have recorded in the last 15 years a long series of tapes: precious materials to start to rise in this long journey towards the light.Quite a dark atmospheric album, where the obscurities gived the properly preparation to some clear and intense moments.


mp3 extract and new covers, are at the pages 'Releases' and Discography'.



Alio Die have taken part in the Projekt's 200th album, it will be a deluxe packaging, a DVD-sized digi-pak, with three discs covering three distinct parts of the Projekt sound. On the 'Ambient' cd there will be an unrealised track of 11 minutes by Alio Die, and will include Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Jeffrey Fayman & Robert Fripp, Fear Falls Burning ... Out on august 11th.



A new collaboration between ALIO DIE e SAFFRON WOOD is printed. From seminal experiments at the research of the harmony, playing with nipped and scrubbed cords by salterio and zither (plus marimba and fields recordings), improvising and recording in the open spaces of the inner Liguria , some very relaxing tracks are spring out ..with colored harmonics and enchanted depth. One of the Top Ten listenings here…



SAFFRON WOOD 'Platonica Filosofia della Temperanza' CD


First and new solo cd by Lorenzo Scopelliti, alias Saffron Wood. An important page full of incoscious characters and sonorous pigments bring in a evocative context where differents acoustic instruments from the Mediterranean the japanese, the indian traditions, and not only.. are translate in the sound of the "Platonica Filosofia" creating a possible prophecy between soul, earth into a nocturnal and peacefull path.


Hic Sunt Leones presents the new CD 'Hidden' by BUSSO DE LA LUNE , projekt from Poland by Piotr Jurczak.

After different CDr released on different labels ,finally Hidden will be printed in CD, ltd edition of 500 copies. The music by Busso de la Lune will be for sure well receipted from ambient listeners fans everywhere.


The Russian Label Faria Records have re-released the MCD by ALIO DIE 'The Flight of Real Image' (out of stock from a long time), in full lenght version: this is a limited edition in 1000 copies in a special cardboard package with 5 cards, inside the cover. The artwork was released by Hic Sunt Leones in collaboration with the painter Sara Luciani. The tracking list bring together the tracks originally included in the mcd, with two unrealised track with Saffron Wood, a new track with Bruno Sanfilippo, a beautiful acoustic track with Luciano Daini, and other inedits. The CD will arrive directly from Saint Petersburg on 5 september.


The return by FIVE THOUSAND SPIRITS... after seven years of silence they are heard again with two new albums 'Quantum Consciousness' and 'Schwartzschild Radius' , and they will not only overflowing the passed times but will leave frightened not only some listeners. Two unbroken journeys of great intensity that Raffaele Serra ed Alio Die have characterized with an electronic refine touch and a flood vitality, always at the threshold of a mystery's whirlpool, two powerful electronic mantra that in these lands have already given some kind of dependance. Out on Sempiterna Mutatio/Hic Sunt Leones in 2006: 'Quantum Consciousness' is already available, 'Schwartzschild Radius' will be out on 5 september.


'Enigma' by SOLA TRANSLATIO CD The third, much-awaited CD by Opium and Alio Die is finally out! 'Enigma' is an ambient album, with drones and dark ambient elements. Eight imaginary landscapes wavering between the earth and the cosmos, sometimes returning on the dark atmosphere of the first album, but with a few acoustic elements more clear. The album begins with some obscure and enigmatic atmospheres transitioning into more open/light tracks: looped sounds of the played cords of the zither, tubes, treated field recordings and small sounds of shells and bells add layers to the electronic magma. An intimate/introspective CD.


After the two interesting releases in collaboration with Francesco Paladino - 'Nosesoul' with OPIUM and 'MUSICA/FIUTO', with Sean Breadin/Sedayne - HIC SUNT LEONES is proud to present two new cds that will be out together with the new Alio Die and 5000 Spirits cds:


the third CD by AGLAIA 'Mondi Sensibili' create a soundworld where the vibrations, the poetry and sound teraphy bring the listener into that forgotten sound places suggested by the title. In 'Mondi Sensibili' (Sensible Worlds), the sound incantations caracterized by the Aglaia's music become more and more clear and layered: the electronic sounds seem played from the wind, and their brilliance often seem to come from the cords of an acoustic instrument.





'Under an Holy Ritual' is finally released on vinyl, by the italian Label Smallvoices. It was originally released on CD in 1992. This LP version will be print in 600 copies .


A 12" vinlyl with two unrealized tracks 'Aura Hora' e ' Mater Materiae' was released at the same time also by Smallvoices and available throw our mail-order service.


Another reprint is finally again available by Hic Sunt Leones/Silentes. The CD 'Suspended Feathers', released in 1996 in a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies in a special packages on Aqua, side-label of Amplexus. It was out of print for a long time. Now the reprint is printed in normal jewel-box.


'Echo Passage' the collaboration by ALIO DIE with VIDNA OBMANA it is reprinted now on Projekt. It was originally released by the italian label Musica Maxima Magnetica and was out of print for a long time. The reprint is printed in digi-pack with a totally new artwork.


The cds by Alio Die released by Projekt are available by download on i-tunes.

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