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Expanding Horizon

Mathias Grassow was born in Wiesbaden Germany in 1963. From the start, music has alway been a deep passion. He played drums and guitar in the 70's and moved on to keyboards in the early 80's. Mathias became increasingly fascinated with the flexibility and possibility inherent in keyboards and electronics and created experimental electronic music between traditional German and "new age" styles. Since the late 80's he has specialized in synthesizer drones and myriad form of overtone music and explored their effect on the human psyche (similar to the old Indian Nada yoga) by using his voice, tambouras, zithers, flutes, guitars, singing bowls, and some home-built instruments. About twenty years ago, he met a friend who gave him some books by Alan Watts, the American philosopher, Harvard professor, Zen Buddhist, and psychologist. During this period Mathias resolved that his life and music would have one aim: to learn more about true spirit in life and music and reflect back his experiences to the public. Over the years his path led him from Buddhism to Sufism and the mystical side of Christianity. He also became keenly interested in the pagan North European ancestors (Celts and Vikings) and studied them intensively. More and more Mathias fell in love with the spiritual power of music, especially found in overtone and subharmonic chant, long deep synthesizer drones, and in North Indian raga music. He was influenced by the famous singing bowl sounds of Klaus Wiese (ex-POPOL VUH) member) and theis spiritual pover within made Mathias very interested in the "spiritual-energy-flow" and "real charge" in music. After years of development in Munich with Klaus Wiese and in Italy doing overtone chant, door began to open to many CD projects with talented musicians such ad Rüdiger Gleisberg and Amir Baghiri (Arcanum and Lanzarote Spirits). Following a concert near Frankfurt, 1996 was a year of creative intermission and collecting new ispiration by connecting with new musicians and labels. After this Mathias, Amir Baghiri and Oophoi had three concerts produced by "Deep Listenings" publisher Gianluigi Gasparetti near Rome in October "99. Recently Mathias has been collaborating with more and more artist and sideprojects. The initial results can be heard on the Eclipsed sampler - a piece in Irish-Folk style. Following different sampler-contributions, Grassow produced the second long-awaited collaboration with Klaus Wiese, Mercurius (2001). Another work, Holy Domain (2003), was released in 2003. Grassow connects with many different musicians, always searching for new musical styles and ispirations. He has released two CD's with the US-overtone-singer Jim Cole and a double-CD and vynil with well know italian ambient-star Alio Die (Expanding Horizon). Some works with australian artist Louisa John-Krol are ready for publishing. The NOSTALGIA debut, a band-project and another step into new RELEASE/RELAPSE in sept. 02.

To be continued…