The Hidden Spring (reprinted 2008)

ALIO DIEThe Hidden Spring; CD in 6 panel digipak limited to 333 copies

The music contained in this cd is the original 1997 Master Version, without the noise overload and the clips accidentally included in the first edition of "The Hidden Spring". Stefan Knappe (Maeror Tri/Troum) plays gongs and treatments on track 9.


“…Here's a collection of new and previously released compositions from some compilations, from this interesting ambient soundscape artist. Many of the tracks seem to suggest watery landscapes, with thick, murky, wave-like movement. Droning low tones, eerie chimes, as well as slightly musical synths, samples, etc. all have their place. The recording is flawless, with easily audible layering and a complete range of sounds. Running times are generally very appropriate, with a few longer journeys or brief interludes throughout. This material is well done; there's a nice consistency between tracks without becoming redundant. These are fairly relaxing pieces, actually. I really enjoyed this. Alio Die is definitely exploring something I've not heard in the past and the originality is a plus.”


“…On y retrouve en effet outre des inédits, quelques titres issus de compilations et d'autres parus sur la cassette "fragments", le tout ayant été enregistré entre 1993 et 1997.  Bizarrement, l'ensemble reste homogène, même si les morceaux les plus récents sont évidmment plus construits et surtout d'une richesse sonore incroyable. Nappes flottantes, sons saturels profonds, rythmes envoûtants. Pure merveille.”

HARMONIE / Jean-Marc Boucher autumn 1999