Alio Die & Martina Galvagni:
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Eleusian Lullaby
PRO 208
01  The Oniroid Sleep
02  A drone song for Alienor
03  Eleusian Lullaby
Composed and performed by
Martina Galvagni e Stefano Musso (BMI)
between 2005 and 2006.
Mixed and mastered at Temple Studio.
Milan January 2007.
Martina Galvagni: voice
Alio Die: Psaltery, zither, kalimba, cithara, metals,
sitar, shruti-box, drones and loops, field recordings.
Special thanks to Chako and Makoto (Jack or Jive)
for metal instruments on track 01 and 03.
Lorenzo Pittan for rattles on track 02.
Stefano Bellemo, Sam Rosenthal, Tommaso Cosco,
Franco Mignone, Sara Luciani, Raffaele Serra and
Cynfeirdd Friendship Culture.
Photographs by Sara Luciani at
Designed by Sam Rosenthal