Five Thousand Spirits:
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Synapse - Shaihulud
FAR 11

01  Aardwolf                 11:22
02         Mnomquah             14:18
03      From these ashes    08:00
04      Lulungomeena        08:34
Composed and performed by Raffaele Serra,
Stefano Musso (©BMI) and Tommaso Cimò
between 2006, and 2007, at Mekon Studio and at Temple Studio, Milan.
Mastered on Pro Tools at Temple Studio, Milano December 2005.
Artwork by Sara Luciani/Hic Sunt Leones.
Raffaele Serra: Analog and digital synthesizers,
                           tapes and electronics.
Alio Die: drones and loops, zither, bells,
                field recordings.
Zeit: Sound editing, electronics.