Raag drone theory (2007)

A new stage of the duo, after the successful Sunja - more expressively inspired by indian music: one long track completely acoustic displays a sound dialog between psaltery, zither and shruti box, brought into a contemplative space.



Zeit is Tommaso Cimò, who teams up with Alio Die for a single, fragile, meditative track glittering with notes dripping off their respective zithers, gradually shapeshifting for three seconds shy of the maximum capacity of a compact disc.
Alio Die also plays psaltery and manipulates his trademark drones and loops, while Zeit commands a bowed psaltery, shruti box, and provides a slew of samples to the mix. Particularly effective are the sounds of dampened human commotion and interactioin appearing after about half an hour.

Pristinely recorded (at one sitting?) in August 2006. More of that remarkably serene work of Alio Die which captures some gentle moment forever.

Stephen Fruitman (sonomu.net)