Alio Die & Saffron Wood:
Corteggiando le messi
HSL 037

01       Radianza Lunare
02   Cleaning Resonance
03   Duello con l’Incommensurabile
04       Path in Absence
05       Corteggiando le Messi
06   Argentea Nostalgia
All Tracks Composed and Performed by
Stefano Musso(©BMI) and Lorenzo Scopelliti
between 2004 and 2005, at Temple and Mobile Studio.
Mastered on Pro Tools, Milano November 2005.
Alio Die : zither, psaltery, kalimba, flutes, 
drones and loops , editing and field recordings.
Saffron Wood: psaltery and zither
Thanks to Festina Lente for piano’s sample on “Argentea Nostalgia” .
Special thanks to Alessandro Mazzitelli
for his precious technical support.