The Flight of the real image (2006)

The Russian Label Faria Records have re-released the MCD by ALIO DIE "The Flight of Real Image" (out of stock from a long time), in full lenght version: this is a limited edition in 1000 copies in a special cardboard package with 5 cards, inside the cover. The artwork was released by Hic Sunt Leones in collaboration with the painter Sara Luciani. The tracking list bring together the tracks originally included in the mcd, with two unrealised track with Saffron Wood, a new track with Bruno Sanfilippo, a beautiful acoustic track with Luciano Daini, and other inedits.
The CD will arrive directly from Saint Petersburg on 5 september. CD with special packaging.


Reissue of 'The Flight Of Real Image' MCD, released on Hic Sunt Leones (1993), with six bonus and exclusive tracks. The classical sound of Alio Die is harmoniously combined with his newer musical experiments with zither, salterio, flutes, bells and other instruments. All original material has been carefully re-mastered. Additionally this release comes with 5 artcards showing installations by Italian painter Sara Luciani - this artwork being an integral part of the concept of this album. Ltd x 1000 copies in a special outsize package.

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