Alio Die:
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The Flight of the real image


01   Breathing Again
02   L'Inequivocabile Quintessenza
03      Borage (revisited version)
04      Notte Inafferrabile
05      Journey Around a Stone
06   The Dark Slide of the Mood
07      Duello con l'Incommensurabile (Part 2)
08      Leaves Net
09  InTROSacro  
All tracks composed and performed by 
Stefano Musso(İBMI),
Except InTROSacro composed and performed by
Stefano Musso and Bruno Sanfilippo.
Mastered on Pro Tools, at Temple Studio,
Milan april 2006.
Alio Die : drones and loops, zither, salterio, flutes, 
bells, treatments and field recordings.
Special thanks to:
Saffron Wood (on #04 and #07),
Luciano Daini (on #02), and Gianfranco Cualbo (on #03)  
for the acoustic recording sessions.
Sonja Kim (on #06) for field recordings taken in East-Asia
Infinite thanks to Andrey Sadovnikov, Bruno Sanfilippo
and Sara Luciani for their support to compile this release.
All paintings and Photoshop editings by Sara Luciani.
ltd copies 1000  -  2006