Alio Die/Mathias Grassow:
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Expanding Horizon

CD 1
01 Enchanted land
02     Day of Fulfilment
03     Radiant clearing
04     Organum
05     The first bright light
06 Amithaba
07     Dawn
08     Dewdrops
CD 2
01 The Falcon
02     The poetess
03     Serpents hollow
04     Tuscany
05     Brugh na boine
06     The elves realm
Mathias Grassow: Keyboards, synthesizer, sampler, drum-llops, violin & guitar-cither, tambura-cither (self built instrument), voices, noises, some nature sound, effects.
Alio Die: Textures & drones, nature soundfield recordings, different percussion-loops.
Guest and special thanks to:
Klaus Wiese: Different indian string intruments, cither, bowls, voice.
Carsten Agthe: Percussion.
Basic track recordings made by Alio Die 1999 in Italy, overdubs by Mathias Grassow 2001 at AKROASIS Studio, Wiesdaden - Germany.
Concept drawnings, recordings, arrangements and mixdown bu Mathias Grassow in 2001.
Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound.
Design by Orion Landau.