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Red Sector A speed up Alio Die
RR 6516-2

01     Molecular Dance > Molecular mix
02 Dreaming > Flyer mix
03     In mean time > New World experience mix
04     Shuar > Floating mix
05     Alternate realities > Psychonaut mix
06 Onyx > Afterlife mix
07     Mesmeric revelation > Early space pioneers mix
08 Axis Mundi > Templehead mix
Written & produced by Stefano Musso and Andrea Bellucci.
Recorded at Mira Alta and Lunae Studio - Italy
Stefano Musso: Drones and samples environmental sounds and treatments.
Andrea Bellucci: Drones and samples synths, beats and programming.
Mixed at Mira Alta and Lunae Studio - Italy. 
Final mastering at Lunae Studio on Pro Tools.
Photos by Stefano Musso and Lunae Studer .
Design by Orion Landau
Son-Dha would like to thank: 
James, Matt and all Relapse/Release staff for believing in this project.
Andrea Bellucci would like to thank: 
Stefano Musso for believing in this strange idea, my family and my son, my dear friends. Paolo Montare- si and family, Roberto Mammarella and wife, Ivano Iusco, Gabriele "The Tribal Man", Stefano Bertucci for Macintosh and Emu help and advice.
Red Sector A appears under courtesy of Minus Habens Records.