Alio Die & Nick Parkin:
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Aquam Metallicam
eee42 (2001)

01 Regio lucis
02 Aqua metallicam
03     Turba
04     Untious vapour
05     Marcasites
06 Silent dew
07     Nitre
08     The thrird column
09     Lixivium
Stefano Musso: Samples, percussion, shells, rattles, effects processing.
Nick Parkin: Bowed, psaltery, percussion, samples.
Composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Stefano Musso and Nick Parkin on Pro Tools, October 2000 at Lunae Studio, Lunigiana - Italy.
Executive Production: Luciano Dari.
Photos on page 2,3,4 & back by Paul Trocha, New York.
Cover photo by Gerardo Battista.
Seed photo and artwork by Stefano Musso.
Thanks to:
Luciano Dari for his support and Stefano Bellemo for handmade shell's and pine fruits's rattles we've used here.