Ad Infinitum (2001)

Co-production with Eibon for this first collaboration between Alio Die and Opium, obscure, intense and intimistic ambient in this magic meeting. In a digipak.


Alio Die + Opium deliver a masterpiece of shimmering, ever-mutating dark ambient. A tapestry of mesmerizing low-rumbling melodies/frequencies for a DEEP listening. Comes in gorgeous 4 panel digipack, co-produced with Hic Sunt Leones....


Sola Translatio is a collaborative work between the italian ambient sound master Alio Die (best known for his previous collaborations with ambient & experimental artists like Robert Rich & Vidna Obmana), and younger Italian newcomer Opium (Matteo Zini). The music moves on abstract drones, minimal rhythms, and "found sounds," rather than being spooky or boring, spreads a calming layer of gentle sound over the listener. It has a nocturnal but serene quality, and feels like the soundtrack for long quiet hours in an elegant Oriental country retreat. It evokes a place one would like to return to, rather than a nightmare from which one struggles to wake. Its a tapestry of mesmerizing low-rumbling melodies/frequencies for a deep listening, where the sounds of nature are always present.