Alio Die:
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Le stanze della Trascendenza
HSL 016

01 Alternate realities
02 Cicada's loop
03      Il fondo del pozzo
04 Melancholic roots
05     Desire (Intrumental)
06     Molecular dance
"Le stanze della trascendenza" is the second part of a trilogy of ambient music (the first part of this series is "The Hidden Spring" out on Crowd Control Act. in 1998) characterized by old sound sources I did several years ago, reworked now with modern technologies of digital multitrack recoirdings. Likewise the origins of sounds is totally acoustic, while electronic processing, in equalization, athmosphere and treatments play an important role in composition, creatively.
Composed, recorded and mixed by Stefano Musso
between 1994 and 1999.
Mastered on Pro Tools March 1999.
Instrument: Sampler, textures and drones, voice, flute, fields recordings.
Graphic by Hic Sunt Leones, Alio Die's photo by Michele Grassani.