The Way of Fire (1998)

The 7"( that play at 33) was out on the Drone Rec. label/Bremen  in a limited edition of 250 copies in green picture vinyl, covers was handmade by Alio Die with colours and collages. Later was out a reprint of 250 copies in blue picture vinyl, the covers pictures on this edition was print from two of the best covers of first edition.

Stefano Musso alias ALIO DIE lives in a small village in the mountains of Lunigiana, where he is inspired by pure nature -surroundings. There he is also running a CD-label for new ambient dream music named HIC SUNT LEONES.
ALIO DIE gives the perfect soundtrack to a journey into the realms of untouched nature; listen to animal voices, flutes, long dark drones, drummings, metallic sounds, small feedbacks and thunderous explosions... a kind of psychoactive illuminative music, the two long tracks here are in a darker vein as on recent ALIO DIE releases... Ideal Sounds for your psychognostic daydreams!
Second edition, 300 copies, multicoloured vinyl, nice printed covers.