Alio Die:
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Suspended Feathers
Amplexus 9602


01      Descending past
02 Ruins Garden drones
03      Time of Absence
04      Suspended Feathers
05 Wings of the Firefall
" 'Descending Past' was originally projected to become a MCD for the Amplexus serie. But in the meantime I had other tracks recorded in different moments during the last two years. So, I proposed Stefano Gentile to publish a full lenght CD.
Vidna Obmana and I composed 'Wings of the firefall' in 1994 after years of collaboration and reciprocal esteem. I'm really satisfied with the results and thank him to have been waiting till now to see it published. 'Ruins garden drones' has been created spontaneously putting together Gregorio Bardini's sonorities and mine."  
Alio Die: Sample, loops, processed tapes, ocarina, treatments
Gregorio Bardini: Flute on 02, turle ocarina on 03, strange flute and whistles on 04
Vidna Obmana: Electronics, loops, processed tapes, mexican rainmaker, shells, chinese cymbals and northern sonoran dreampipe on 05
All titles created and produced by Alio Die except:
track 02 by Alio Die and Gregorio Bardini and track 05 composed, arranged & played by Alio Die and Vidna Obmana and assembled, produced and mixed by Vidna Obmana at the Serenity studio, Belgium, March 1994.