Alio Die:
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Under an Holy Ritual
HSL 002 - Pro039 - SVV004

01 Light by Initiation
02 Calls from a Lost Conscience
03 Global Construction
04      The Secret of Shady Gorges
05 Axis Mundi
06     Reflections of a Dawn
07      Invocation of the Source of Life
08     Under an Holy Ritual 
09 Cryptic Spell
10     Back to Tikla
11     Waking up from a Wistful Day
All titles composed, performed by Alio Die except 
"Reflections of a dawn"
by Alio Die and Paolo Beltrame
"Under an holy ritual" was recorded and mixed between 
Januray an April 1992.
Limited Edition of 1000 copies by Hic Sunt Leones and reprinted by Projekt Records.