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AMELIA CUNI was born in Milan and lived in India for more than 10 years studying dhrupad singing from renowned masters (i.e. R.Fahimuddin Dagar and Bidur Mallik, Pt. Dilip Chandra Vedi). She received a three year scholarship from the indian government. She performs internationally: i.e. solo concerts at the House of World Cultures, Podewil and Schauspielhaus in Berlin, Gasteig in Munich, Zentrum f.Kunst u.Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, Barbican Centre and Purcell Room in London, Nehru Centre in Bombay, Kamani and I.I.C. in N.Delhi. Her music is featured on two solo CDs and in several collaborations. She has recorded for radio and TV productions. Amelia's projects are of traditional and experimental orientation as well. She collaborates with artists from various backgrounds (Early and New Music, electronica, ambient, experimental, jazz, folk, dance and theatre.) With her own works she has taken part in international festivals in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, India, China. Together with Werner Durand she has been awarded an ARTIST IN RESIDENCE grant at the PODEWIL-Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst, in Berlin for 1999. They have been part of the Festival of Vision 2000-Berlin in Hong Kong. She has conceived and performs in the multimedia opera ASHTAYAMA-Song of Hours, co-produced by Podewil-Berlin and ZKM-Karlsruhe. Composers like Terry Riley, Roland Pfrengle, Chico Mello, Fernando Grillo, have written for her voice. She has collaborated on experimental projects with David Toop, Paul Schütze, David Moss a.o. She teaches Indian singing at the Conservatorio di Vicenza. Since 1992, she is based in Berlin .



Video-Dia Installation, "visionäre Schweiz", Düsseldorf Kunstpalast (1992) / Hyper-Media, "Casino Container", Mediapark Köln (1993) / Visuelles Bühnenbild, "Die Welt ist immer wieder schön", Bonn Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (1995) / Videoloops, "cult", Jugendmagazin Kabel 1 (1995) / Video-Dia-Licht-Installationen, "4b", Ambientpartys Köln (1995/96) / Visuelles Bühnenbild, "Illusionen oder Das Gelächter der Einsamkeit", Rheinisches Musikfest WDR (1996) / Remix Room "Gallery of Styles", Daimler-Benz, International Motorshow Birmingham (1996) / Videocreation, "Land im Klang", Eröffnung Klangturm St.Pölten (1996) / Video Projektion, "Electric Trick", Kulturamt Köln (1996/1997) / Visuelle Installation "World Music Award", Deutsche Welle (1997/1998) / Video Live-Mixes "Rhythm Nights", on Tour with Laurent Garnier, AdamF, 4Hero, Giles Peterson, Kemistry and Storm (1998) / Video Installation "Ambient " Mercedes-Benz, International Motorshow Tokio (1998) / Building Projections "BELGO", Bristol (1998), New York (1999) // Video Live-Mixes "Rhythm Nights", on Tour with Lamb, Jimi Tenor, Roni Size, DJ Die, Kid Loco (1999) / 7Lichtinstallationen "Engelspfad" Wien (1999) / Panorama Projektion, "mondecho" St. Pölten (1999) / "Milenium" Lichtinstallation Kölner Dom (1999) / Video Installation "Virtual Shower" Lab 01 Expo 2000 by Atelier Markgraph (2000) / Video Live-Mixes "Rhythm Nights", on Tour with Nightmares on Wax, Rockers Hifi, Ian Pooley, Artfull Dodger, Jazzanova (2000) / Cinema Mix "Radical Architectur", Museum fuer angewandte Kunst Koeln ( 2000) / Live Mix Installation "2Step", Wallraf Richardz Museum (2000) / Film Remix Freske "Filmstiftung", Berlinale 2002 / Video Live Mix "Quam", Cebit 2002


"DAYZ GONE", Doppelgänger, Groove Attack (1996) / "my resting place", Karma, Groove Attack (1997) / "Fuer Dancefloor", Eric D. Clark, Ladomat (1998) / "Slaves", Quintana Roo, royal family (1998) / "Thrillseeking" Karma, Groove Attack (1999) / "Solar Moon", Solar Moon System , Rainhorse ( 2000)


"Der Spaziergang", (1986) / "Dreifach", (1987), / "Die 90 Sekunden von Sodom", (1990) / "Filmfaxe", (1991) / "XXX", (1993) / "Out", (1994)