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Michele Brieda


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Michele Brieda (Festina Lente)


Michele Brieda began his musical career in 1996 becoming a member of the Lingam, an Italian trio which music is mostly written, but improvisation plays an important role as  a constituent part of the drawing up of the composition.

After a compact disk appeared at the beginning of 1999 (“Musiche per un film immaginario”) distributed by “Recommended Records” Michele is working since 2000 to a project of Mirco Baruzzo (ex-guitarist of Spirosfera): they have released their creativity in a performance (CAOSMOS) made up by music, images and dance about the creation of the world.

In 2005 Michele, alias Festina Lente, worked with Alio Die. From their collaboration a new cd entitled “Sogno di un Piano veneziano a Parigi” is born. The artistic presence of Festina Lente in the musical composition mirrors his own innermost character being mostly genuine and instinctive. He expresses himself playing sound fragments and short musical sequences that alternate with long “sound meditations” between a piano, the synthesiser and the autoharp.